• real-gin-portugal/2017-07-23

    Real Gin made in Portugal

  • 10-beautiful-towns-portugal/2017-06-04

    Ten beautiful towns in Portugal

  • ten-facts-about-portugal/2017-05-28

    Ten facts about Portugal


  • ikea-supports-construction-kindergarten/2017-08-21
  • IKEA Group supports construction of new kindergarten in Almancil

    The project of the ASCA has the support of the IKEA Group, to an amount of 200 thousand euros. ...

  • boat-kills-woman-beach-/2017-08-16
  • Boat hits and kills a woman near beach

    A tourist who was swimming near Carvoeiro/Ferragudo was fatally hit yesterday by a tourist boat...

  • your-dog-loves-you/2017-08-20
  • When your dog loves you

    When your Dog always follows you to the toilet or bathroom, the dog is secretly saying ‘I Love You!’...

  • effects-brexit-knock-door-algarve/2017-08-15
  • Effects of ´Brexit´ begin to knock on the door of the Algarve.

    The Brexit effect is already its negative effects on the hotel occupancy rate in the Algarve...

  • claudia-fighting-life-accident-en125/2017-08-15
  • Cláudia Simão is fighting for her life after EN125 accident

    Due to the rarity of your blood group (A negative), family and friends are asking for blood donations....


  • portugal-hottest-holiday-destination/2017-06-02
  • Portugal hottest holiday destination

    Portugal has become one of the hottest holiday destinations of the year, after Sobral won Eurovision...

  • champion-everything-cork-portugal/2017-06-01
  • Everything cork

    Portugal: world champion of everything cork. Cork is exported to 133 countries, not just for wine bottles...

  • portuguese-saves-migrants-mediterranean-/2017-05-30
  • The Portuguese Air Force saves 34 migrants

    The Portuguese Air Force saves 34 migrants in the Mediterranean after their boat exploded...

  • ten-facts-about-portugal/2017-05-28
  • Ten facts about Portugal

    The Treaty of Windsor is the oldest alliance between countries still active, one of the Top 10 facts about Portugal...

  • madonna-considering-retreat-alentejo/2017-05-28
  • Madonna is considering to retreat of her professional life and install in the Alentejo

    The American artist was passing through the village of Corte do Pinto and Mina de S. Domingos. ...

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  • solar-eclipse-monday-august/2017-08-21Solar eclipse of Monday 21 August 2017
  • hip-hop-blanco-beach/2017-08-21Hip Hop at Blanco Beach
  • ombria-resort-north-loule/2017-08-21The new Ombria Resort will be 8 KM north of Loulé
  • americancars-show-faro/2017-08-18American Cars Algarve Show in Faro
  • protein-heart-exercise/2017-08-13A protein that makes your heart think you exercise
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