• brightest-meteor-shower-perseus/2017-08-10

    The brightest meteor shower Perseids is on its way

  • kodi-totally-legal/2017-05-05

    Despite what you may read - Kodi is totally legal

  • electric-bike-front-wheel/2017-03-22

    Electric bike front wheel

  • fun-car-aston-martin/2017-01-25
  • We are selling our FUN car

    Aston Martin Volante 1979, replica. Built on a Ford chassis with a 3.0L V8 Rover engine...

  • zoolz-complete-cloud-storage/2017-01-13
  • Zoolz Complete Cloud Storage: Lifetime Solution

    Zoolz a lifetime solution, lock In a Smarter, More Reliable Storage Solution With 1 TB of Data for Life...

  • christmas-present-weekend/2016-12-18
  • Christmas presents and more X-Mas gifts

    Today in Algarve24 Weekend Edition: Christmas presents and more X-Mas presents. W.E. every Sunday...

  • everybody-hack-computer/2016-11-18
  • Now everybody can hack a computer

    Meet PoisonTap, the $5 tool that hacks computers, the perils of leaving computers unattended is about to get worse...

  • web-summit-conference-portugal/2016-10-26
  • World´s largest ‘Web Summit’ conference takes place in Portugal

    The prestigious world Web Summit will be held in Lisbon, for the first time, starting November 7 through November 10. ...

  • kodak-ektra-camera-smartphone/2016-10-24
  • Kodak´s Ektra is a camera first, smartphone second

    The smartphone produced by Kodak is a camera-phone, a photo-focused phone with a 21-MP camera...

  • hacker-news-password/2016-10-10
  • Hacker news

    bitwarden is the easiest and safest way to store and sync your passwords across all of your devices. ...

  • Exploding-smartphone-batteries/2016-10-10
  • Exploding smartphone batteries

    One Big Question: Do you really have to drain your battery periodically to keep it conditioned?...

  • apple-battersea-london/2016-10-04
  • Apple moving into London´s historic Battersea Power Station

    Apple has signed the lease for a large new headquarters to be located in London´s iconic Battersea Power Station...

  • car-rarely-seen-algarve/2016-09-27
  • A car we shall rarely see in the Algarve

    Mercedes-Maybach S 600 Pullman Guard protects passengers from bullets and blasts at 1.5M euro...

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