• ria-formosa-population-extinction/2017-08-11

    Ria Formosa and its population in extinction

  • polling-station-french-fFaro/2017-06-03

    Polling station for the French in Faro

  • europe-has-been-saved/2017-05-08

    Europe has been saved

  • uk-tourists-us-passwords/2017-04-10
  • UK tourists to US might get asked to palm in passwords or be denied entry

    Travellors into the US could be forced to exhibit personal data, as good as divulge financial information...

  • dictatorship-democracy-costa/2017-04-03
  • From Dictatorship to Democracy

    The book by Raphael Costa examines Portugal’s transition from dictatorship to democracy since 1966...

  • demovote-democratic-voting/2017-03-28
  • Demovote: democratic voting

    A Democratic Party within a Democracy on the internet, this is what is happening in Denmark...

  • chemical-hazardous-waste-terceira/2017-03-23
  • Chemical hazardous waste from the US military

    Decontamination of Terceira island soils must be a top priority, according to Azores President...

  • war-between-usa-portugal/2017-02-15
  • War between USA and Portugal

    Trump declares that he will do everything to take possession of Lajes Base and the island where it is located...

  • portuguese-caucus-group-usa/2017-02-14
  • The Portuguese Caucus group in the USA

    The Portuguese Caucus is a group of members of the Congress that defends the interests of Portugal and the Portuguese community in the USA...

  • residency-portugal-brexit/2017-02-11
  • BREXIT: take your residency in Portugal

    Once you become a Resident in Portugal you don’t have to give up your British nationality: you can keep your British passport...

  • legally-kill-queen-trump/2017-02-01
  • Legally I can kill him, Queen confirms

    The Queen has confirmed that if President Trump makes a state visit, she can kill him with a sword and nobody can touch her....

  • the-winners-lagoa-ps/2017-02-01
  • And the winners are ....

    "A winning team should not be moved," says Luís Encarnação, president of the PS / Lagoa Council....

  • portugal-trump/2017-01-24
  • Trump has Portuguese connections

    Earlier this month Trump and António Guterres introduced each other over a phone conversation...


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