Sponsored walk organised by Aljezur International School

The 12 km sponsored walk to take place on Friday 7th April, fundraising in aid of Alwan Kindergarten in Syria

Sponsored walk organised by Aljezur International School

Aljezur International School are organising a 12 km sponsored walk to take place on Friday 7th April. Students, teachers and friends of the school will be fundraising in aid of Alwan Kindergarten in Syria.

Alwan Kindergarten is located in the village of Hass, Idlib province. Its survival over several years of war is the result of the determination and motivation of director Abdulkader Almurie. With tremendous efforts, he has managed to make it possible for the children in his area to have access to education despite the precarious conditions. After particularly heavy bombing in October last year, Alwan was forced to close its doors. The current cease fire agreement has made it possible for it to reopen and fundraising here in Portugal has begun again in earnest.

Along with a team of five colleagues, Alwan’s director is also launching a campaign which aims to educate 1000 local children about the dangers of touching or approaching explosive remnants of war. According to estimates, more than five million Syrians live in areas that are heavily contaminated by unexploded devices, including more than two million children who are at risk of falling prey to landmines, cluster munitions and other dangerous devices.

Alwan Kindergarten was originally supported by the American NGO Bridge of Peace for Syria and later by the Algarve for Life Movement. Aljezur International School and the Alwan Kindergarten have been in regular contact for over a year, and several events have been organised to raise funds, the last one being a Christmas fair.

Along with over 70 students, teachers, parents and friends of Aljezur International School, the Burros e Artes organisation is coming along with four donkeys and Ross Jennings, a bagpiper attempting to play his bagpipes in every country of the world, will also be taking part.

The sponsored walk will start at 10 am at the Serrão Campsite which is situated north of Aljezur, and everyone is welcome.

For more details or to request a sponsor form, please visit www.aljezur-international.org or call Karen Whitten on 914 447 710.

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