• ten-facts-about-portugal/2017-05-28

    Ten facts about Portugal

  • madonna-considering-retreat-alentejo/2017-05-28

    Madonna is considering to retreat of her professional life and install in the Alentejo

  • alentejo-lonely-planet-list-/2017-05-28

    Alentejo on Lonely Planet´s list as one of the best spots

  • algarve-region-120miles-beaches/2017-05-21
  • The Algarve region and 120 miles of beaches

    A stork roosts in a nest near the Ria Formosa nature preserve in Portugal, story by Tom Blake...

  • bird-watching-bioria/2017-05-21
  • Bird watching in Bioria

    Over 180 species to see when you enjoy a walk through the wetlands of The Aveiro Lagoon in Portugal...

  • top-attractions-western-algarve/2017-05-21
  • The top attractions of the Western Algarve

    The Algarve is one of the most incredible places you’ll ever visit, rife with amazing opportunities to explore!...

  • message-straight-men/2017-05-21
  • Message for straight men

    Your anus doesn’t have a sexual orientation! It can be a very positive experience for both partners...

  • warnings-about-food-complaints-/2017-05-14
  • Warnings about food complaints

    Portugal joins countries clamping down on fake food poisoning claims prompted by no-win, no-fee law firms...

  • great-brunch-recipes/2017-05-14
  • Great brunch recipes

    The Brunch recipes that make Weekends great because breakfast shouldn’t be restricted to the early hours...

  • trump-lying-size-penthouse/2017-05-14
  • Donald Trump lying about the size of his pe

    Forbes catches Trump lying about the size of his penthouse and he really inflated the size of it....

  • our-oceans-are-choking/2017-05-07
  • Our oceans are choking

    The Mediterranean Sea is choking on plastic, an estimated average of 8 million tonnes worldwide every year...

  • smartest-dog-world/2017-05-07
  • The smartest Dog breeds in the world

    These are some darn smart doggos! It’s a fact that some dog breeds are just plain smarter than others. ...

  • invasion-hedgehogsattenborough/2017-05-07
  • An invasion of hedgehogs

    How introduced hedgehogs have damaged wildlife on Scotland´s islands, watch on: Attenboroughs story of life...


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